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Our mission is to safely develop each of our athletes to their fullest potential, while providing a fun and challenging training atmosphere. Simply put, we want you to work hard, improve, and enjoy doing it.

The training process at PSP begins with a full athletic assessment where we'll evaluate your speed, strength, power, agility, core strength, joint mobility, and other sport-specific measurements. Then based on the results of the assessment, one of our certified trainers will design a training program for you after a brief discussion about your training goals, sport aspirations, training history, and injury history.

Our two styles of training are semi-private and team training sessions. In semi-private training, you'll be training with a small group (4-6 athletes per coach). Your training program will be fully individualized for you, and we typically try to group together athletes who have similar goals, training history, etc. so that you can train with a couple of "workout partners" instead of having to go it alone.

With team training, you can sign up to train with your entire team, and depending on team size you'll have one or two coaches instructing you while you train. Given the increased number of athletes in these sessions, the training programs will be slightly less individualized than our semi-private sessions, but will still be designed with each athlete's needs in mind.

You may notice that we have a wide range of pricing options, and this is because we offer several different training packages (3 months vs 6 months, 2 days/week vs 3 days/week, etc). It may seem complicated, but don't worry; after our assessment session, we'll sit down with you and help you decide on a training package that will work for you.

Maryland Sportsplex

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