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One of our top goals at Maryland Crush is to promote a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere that allows fans and players alike to enjoy the excitement of America's national past time - baseball.  Our devoted coaches have a wide range of experience that spans from rec baseball all the way through major league.  The dedication of our staff will continue to build a foundation that will last a lifetime with your athletes.

Players are given the opportunity to achieve their goals through our 35,000+ sq ft facility that utilizes qualified personnel and provides a professional atmosphere that we are proud of.  We not only offer an exceptional baseball program, but also provide year round training along with strength and conditioning coaches to help your athletes prepare for their next level of play.

Our focus has always been on the player and continuing to improve their ability to excel in all areas of the game not just to focus on hitting and throwing, but stance, field position, pivoting, etc. included.  We are here to develop your sons skills and attributes in baseball and we feel you will find Maryland Crush to be your home for many years to come.

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Maryland Sportsplex

35,000 Sq Ft Training Facility

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